The Only Attic HVAC Condensation Solution. No longer have a leaky, moldy attic from condensation.

Attic spray foam using Open Cell Spray Foam, often referred to as Icynene, has an amazing ability to air seal a home by being the only insulation available today that is an effective approved air barrier when Sprayed to the underside of an attic roof deck. 

By installing an air barrier, spray foam insulation prevents hot, humid air from entering your attic and keeps the cool, conditioned air inside the home. This causes an attic with spray foam on the roof deck to be within 5-10 degrees of the rest of the house instead of being 100+ degrees when insulation is installed on the attic floor. Because there temperature different between the attic and conditioned house is within 5-10 degrees, the potential for condensation is greatly reduced preventing mold and mildew from growing in the house and reducing the risk of plywood decay from moisture issues.

Simply put, spray foam Insulation is effective at keeping conditioned air inside the home and unconditioned air outside the home. This means HVAC units will no longer have to work as hard to keep a house cool which can result in up to a 50% reduction in heating/cooling costs compared to a home insulated with other Insulation Types. Not to mention, there will be less wear-and-tear on your HVAC unit allowing it to last longer and work more efficiently than before.

Indoor air quality will also improve by preventing pollen and other allergy causing pollutants from entering the home through the attic soffit vents. We block off the soffit vents which effectively raises the thermal envelope from the floor to the roof rafters allowing the attic to be a semi-conditioned space. Spray foam is also known for its ability to absorb sound when applied to the roof deck and is commonly used in areas with high noise pollution (think airports, highways and railroad tracks).

Attic Roof decks are often Sprayed with Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation, also known as half pound foam or Icynene insulation (seen in the Images on this page). It's important to note that Icynene is a brand name, similar to calling a tissue Kleenex. While we use Icynene Lapolla products, there are many excellent, reputable foam manufacturers that product quality spray foam ingredients.

Open Cell foam Insulation can range in density from 0.5 lbs per cubic foot to 0.8 lbs per cubic foot and have R-values ranging from 3.6/inch to 4.5/inch. We commonly recommend spraying an R-20 Open Cell which is approximately 5.25" thick. We find this delivers the best bang-for-the-buck as the first few inches of foam do most of the work due to its air-sealing abilities. We do not recommend spraying less than R20 with open cell spray foam as this may lead to condensation issues from a lack of thermal insulation mass.

It is common for open cell spray foam insulation to be installed in above-grade walls and roof deck rafters as it has the ability to allow water to pass through in the event of an attic roof leak. Should a sheet or two of plywood need to be replaced, don't fret, we have froth paks that allow for touchups and repairs without the need for a box truck.

Open cell Spray Foam Insulation is also a good sound absorber and will create a quieter, more comfortable home than other traditional Insulation Products. It reminds some people of the quietness of home after a snow-storm covers the roof of the home in a blanket of snow.

Open Cell spray foam insulation is also the least expensive of the spray foam options available. Open cell Spray Foam Insulation expands over 100x its liquid form within seconds and excels at filling cavities and voids as well as unusual framing. It is great for insulating tight areas like where the roof meets the wall at the perimeter of the home.

Before Spray Foam

After Spray Foam

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