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  • Removal of Existing Attic Insulation Including: Blown-in, Fiberglass Batt, Cellulose & More
  • Eliminate Musty, Dusty, Smelly, Odors from Attic
  • Disinfectant Services Offered to Kill Bacteria
  • Affordable and Non-Invasive, No Need to Leave Home During Removals
  • Includes Disposal, No Need to Rent a Dumpster

The team at Compass Insulation offers existing insulation removal, disposal and disinfectant services for all types of insulation found in South Florida Homes. 

Did you know that most homes in Florida built in the past 70 years either have blown-in fiberglass, cellulose or fiberglass batt on the attic floor? What originally was a 5" to 10" thick layer of light and fluffy insulation can become severely degraded overtime by humidity, contractor work, rodents & pests, water-damage, etc. to the point where its only a couple of inches thick or completely missing. Once it settles, the insulation becomes ineffective at separating your hot attic from your cool home and contributes to increased energy costs, potential condensation issues and poor indoor air quality. 

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With existing blown-in fiberglass and cellulose, Compass Insulation is equipped with 23 HP Briggs & Stratton vacuum machines that suck out even the oldest blown-in insulation. This existing insulation gets filtered to removal nails and other debris before it goes into giant insulation bags. We then haul the bags to the dump leaving you with a clean attic!


With existing fiberglass batt, also known as rolled insulation, a two to three man crew will go into your attic to manually remove and bag the insulation. The pieces get place into dozens and dozens of black contractor bags before being passed down through the attic access. All of these bags are then hauled to the dump leaving you with a fresh, clean look in your attic!


Worried about bacteria and residual odors from the existing insulation? We also offer disinfectant services using a bleach-water solution that kills bacteria onsite and leaves your attic as clean as when the house was built for a nominal additional cost. We use a Graco Machine to mix and apply the solution to ensure that your entire attic floor is coated.


Of course, don't forget to reinsulate your home after the existing insulation has been removed! A home with no insulation will be very uncomfortable and cost a fortune in energy costs to keep cool. We offer both blown-in fiberglass and spray foam insulation to help reinsulate your Florida home and provide an energy-efficient upgrade that will reduce energy costs, increase comfort and pay for itself in only a few years. 

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