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  • Primarily Used for Exterior Wall Insulation in Renovations & New Construction
  • Inexpensive and Quick Installation
  • Meets Code and Keeps Radiant Heat Out

Fi-Foil Insulation is commonly used in new construction and renovation projects to insulate furred masonry block and concrete exterior walls. It's R-value is determined by the depth of the furring strips ranging from R-4.1 in a 3/4" cavity up to a R-7.1 in a 1.5" cavity. It can be installed over wood furring strips or metal chase walls and is either stapled or glued depending on the type of framing. It is relatively inexpensive and meets code in all of Florida including  Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and other counties in Florida. It's main purpose is to reflect heat away from the drywall to prevent radiant heat from entering the home. 


There are multiple types of Fi-Foil insulation but the two most common types are the AA2 and the VR Plus Shield. The AA2 is less expensive, has a brown facing and has a maximum R-value of R-5.1. The VR Plus Shield is a bit more expensive, a white facing and has a maximum R-value of R-7.1 in a 1.5" cavity. VR Plus Shield has an extra layer of insulating material to increase it's R-Value They are both installed in the same manner either being glued or stapled on the framing.

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