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  • Keep Hot, Humid Air Out by Encapsulating Your Attic With Spray Foam
  • Immediate Energy Savings, Save up to 50% on Energy Costs
  • Keeps Air-Borne Pollutants, Allergens, Pests and Rodents Out
  • Eliminates Attic Condensation and Prevents Mold Issues
  • Set and Reach Your A/C Temp Point while Reducing A/C Wear and Tear
  • Increase Structural Integrity with Closed Cell Foam
  • Available for Existing Attics, New Construction and Renovations
  • Lifetime Warranty 

Both open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation have the unique ability to create a complete and an effective air barrier. This is very effective in Florida attics as the heat gain from the sun beating on the roof along with the hot, humid outdoor air entering through the vents can make an attic unbearably hot. This can negatively impact your Air Conditioning and ductwork's efficiency to keep the house cool. Applied as a liquid and expanding 100x its liquid size, spray foam completely seals your attic which stops radiant heat from radiating through the roof as well as stops hot, humid air from entering through the vents. This allows your A/C to run more efficiently and keeps cool, conditioned air from escaping into a hot attic. Your attic will drop in temperature from 120+ degrees Fahrenheit to within 10 degrees of the rest of the home (80-90 degrees Fahrenheit) year-round! 

Spray Foamed attic.jpg

By encapsulating your attic, which includes blocking off soffit and roof vents, spray foam stops air-borne pollutants and allergy-causing particulates from entering your home through soffit and roof vents. It also prevents bugs and pests from entering as well! We get asked, "but doesn't my attic need to breath?" With traditional insulation on the attic floor, the answer is yes because without vents a traditionally insulated attic will keep getting hotter and hotter with nowhere for the hot air to escape. But with spray foam along the attic roof deck, the foam is so effective at stopping radiant heat that the attic temperature will be within 10 degrees of the conditioned home meaning no venting is required. In fact, leaving soffit vents open in a spray foam home could cause humidity issues potentially leading to condensation and mold.

Attic Insulation.jpg

Open cell spray foam insulation also does a good job at sound absorption and will create a quieter, more comfortable home compared to traditional insulation products. South Florida has a very high density of housing, airports, trains and roads, particularly in Broward and Miami Dade counties. Spray foam's unique ability to air-seal an attic prevents airborne noise from entering your attic space. Because it attaches itself firmly to the roof substrate, it reduces noise reverberations by absorbing noise waves before it enters the home. After spray foam has been applied to an attic roof, some customers have compared a spray foamed attic to the quietness of home after a snow-storm covers the roof of the home with a blanket of snow.

Attic Roof Deck After Foam

The biggest benefit of spray foam is that it lasts the life of the home when not disturbed. We offer our South Florida Customers a lifetime warranty against defects, meaning if you see the foam pulling away or shrinking from the substrate, we'll come and fix it. Truth be told, this rarely happens because an experienced sprayer will be able to detect defective spray foam as it's being applied. The foam will be inconsistent, crunchy, drippy and not reacting well. The most common reason is because the mixture is not at a one-to-one ratio causing an imbalance. Typically the spray foam equipment has a fail-safe in place to shut the machine off when it goes off-ratio, but it is ultimately up to the installer to identify poorly reacting foam and stop to fix it before it becomes an issue. Any experienced installer will know to do this.

Spray foam insulation in attic.jpg

Simply put, spray foam insulation is effective at keeping conditioned air inside the home and unconditioned air outside the home. This means HVAC units will no longer have to work as hard to keep a house cool which can result in up to a 50% reduction in energy costs compared to a home insulated with traditional fiberglass or blown-in insulation. Additionally, spray foam pays for itself and keeps on paying with many customers seeing payback in 3 to 5 years! Not to mention, there will be less wear-and-tear on your HVAC unit allowing your unit to last longer and work more efficiently than before. A unit that would struggle to reach a temperature set-point before spray foam will now be able to achieve that set-point and stay there without having to run non-stop!

AC Ducts Spray Foamed.jpg

Many Florida homes, particularly in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami Dade Counties, have issues with condensation and consequently mold. Condensation forms when hot, humid air comes into contact with a cold surface. Traditionally insulated attics with fiberglass or cellulose insulation on the attic floor have the biggest issue as these attics can get up to 140 degrees or hotter! With cool ductwork running through attics, it's no surprise that condensation and mold is so common in South Florida. The advantage of spray foam is that it eliminates hot, humid outdoor air from entering the attic through soffit and roof vents and stops radiant heat from radiating through the roof. This drops the attic temperature to within 10 degrees of the home which eliminates the potential for condensation to occur. 

Spray Foamed Roof.jpg

When spray foam is applied correctly by a qualified sprayer using well-maintained equipment and quality raw materials, it is a safe, inert insulation similar to a Tempur-Pedic mattress, car seat or couch cushion. There are a number of horror stories online about bad installs leading to health issues and uninhabitable homes that can scare any customer away from spray foam. In 99% of these stories the problems stem from improper installs due to an inexperienced sprayer, poorly maintained equipment and a general lack-of-knowledge. Unfortunately, spray foam is not a regulated industry which means there are a number of fly-by-night companies that don't know what their doing and can potentially cause harm to a customer and a home, especially in Florida. We pride ourselves on being spray foam experts which an experienced team, excellent supplier relationships and state-of-the-art equipment. You can rest assured that we'll do the job right the first time and we stand behind our product with our lifetime warranty.

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