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  • Immediate Savings, Save up to 20% on Your Monthly Electric Bill
  • Improve Temperature Control by Keeping Cool Air Inside, and Hot Air Out
  • Improve Indoor Comfort by Improving your A/C's Efficiency
  • Affordable and Non-Invasive, No Need to Leave Home During Installation
  • Professional, Quick Installations, Most Jobs Complete in One Day or Less

While blown-in insulation is not as effective as spray foam at keeping a home cool, it does a good job at separating the hot, humid attic air from the cool-conditioned air inside your home. Many homes in Florida have original blown-in fiberglass or fiberglass batt which has settled or shifted overtime due to people working in the attic and humidity causing the insulation to settle. Adding more blown-in fiberglass insulation can help to keep your house cool and save up to 20% on your electric bill depending on the condition of your existing insulation and how cool you keep your home.


Blown-in Fiberglass, also known as loose-fill insulation, is a low-density fiberglass product that is blown onto an attic floor. It's typical R-value ranges from 3.1-3.4 per inch. Most people choose to do 10.5" of blown-in fiberglass for R-30 or 13" for R-38. Blown-in is the least expensive insulation way to insulate your attic.

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