Compass Insulation Specializes in Exterior Flat Roof Applications, Benefits Include:

  • E xtend the life of an existing roof up to 20 years, material & labor warranty included

  • Silicone coating is Ultra-Violet (UV) light resistant and waterproof ensuring long-term durability and performance

  • Creates a roof that is cool to the touch, even on the hottest days

  • Creates a complete monolithic insulation seal to significantly reduce cooling costs, increase interior comfort and reduce wear on tear on HVAC equipment

  • No need to vacate the building or move any belonging during the install Process

  • Silicone is able to resist and withstand ponding water

  • Can be re-coated to extend life of the roof beyond 20 years

  • Easily applied over many surfaces including EPDM, Metal, Bitumen Tar, and more

  • Drastically reduces conductive heat transfer of radiant solar heat through the roof immediately improving indoor comfort and reducing energy costs

  • Adds structural integrity along with exterior aesthetics to the building structure making the roof more hurricane-resistant

BEFORE: A Hot Mess

Hot Roof with Pooling Water creating an

Uncomfortable Office Environment

DURING: Cleaning and 3lb Roofing Spray Foam

Roof is Pressure Washed and cleaned using citrus cleaner and 3lb roofing spray foam is spray-applied directly to existing flat roof

AFTER: Silicone Coating

Silicone Coating is rolled directly on the 3lb roofing spray foam creating a clean, cool-to-the-touch roof which resists ponding water, drastically reduces energy bills and increases the life of the roof up to 20 years.

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